Friday's Favorite Landmark: Kaitaisten Silta

This if the first part in a series of weekly posts where we show some of our landmarks that are interesting, fun, or just personal favorites.

 Kaitaisten Silta (Kaitainen Bridge), Taivassalo, Southwest Finland
Coordinates: 60.54869 °N, 21.51578 °E (Google Maps)
Favorited by: the undersigned

This is the last and longest bridge when driving to the island of Kustavi. For me it's a special landmark, because my family has a cottage really close to it.

The bridge has a really nice view, and going to the cottage this is the perfect place to check the weather and water conditions to see if it is going to be a good day for wakeboarding, kiteboarding, or what.

There is a separate platform for walking below the surface, and when I was a kid, we would be anventurous and walk across under the bridge. I think they have built fences and locked doors so one does not get to go there anymore.

Kaitaisten Silta in Gecko SMS

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