Add number -feature, Search fixed: Gecko SMS 1.3.1

Time for an update: Gecko SMS version 1.3.1 is now available from Android Market and other sources. It contains a few improvements:

  1. Add number -feature
  2. Search fix
  3. Other small UI fixes
Add Number is a simple but much missed feature: Have you ever been writing a message and wanted to add the number of a contact? There is not simple way to do that in the standard Android Messaging.

Now in Gecko SMS, one can press Menu > Add Number, select a contact from the list, and the name and number gets added to the message text. Simple and effective!

Note: When the contacts list is showing, the Search-button can be used to search by name instead of scrolling through the list.

The main menu of Gecko SMS has a Search item, which allows for searching for a word in the text of all messages. Due to a configuration issue, this functionality was not working in all devices. This has now been fixed. The same functionality is available though the Search-button if your phone has one. So go ahead and dig into your messaging history!

Besides these two bigger changes, there is three smaller improvements:

  1. When working on Search I found a bug in the Android system code that causes search suggestions to fail in message containing "odd" characters such as ä or ö. This was corrected to Gecko SMS, and reported to Android bug database.
  2. When composing a message: The menu items have been reordered to a more optimal settings. For example: Add subject was moved to the end of the menu.
  3. New message: When entering a contact name, the "alphabets to numbers" item was moved to the end of the list, after matching actual contacts. Assumption is that the contacts are more useful than an "GOOGLE = 466432"-item.

Stay tuned for more improvements, join our Facebook group! If you missed our previous release, here's a video demonstrating the new "Say sender's name"-feature:

And one more thing: If you came here from r/android: Hopefully some of the discussed changes will be in the next release, however I am hoping to still get some more ideas and comments out of that community to get some more perspective.