Peace of mind in crisis situations

The whole world was in complete shock when the news broke out about the massive terrorist attack in Westgate shopping mall in Kenya on 21 September. Instant reaction for most people was to find out where the loved ones, relatives and friends were and to check if they were safe. If you didn’t get a hold of the person, you tried until you got a response. The ones who were at the Westgate mall tried to call and send SMS messages to alert people to help them and inform about the situation without exposing themselves to terrorists in the mall. People who used Airtel mLocator to got the answer more effectively than others and gained quick information about the safety of their loved ones.

mLocator allows Airtel Kenya subscribers to prepare better for this kind of unexpected and terrified situations:

1) Instantly locate family members, friends and employees

By just sending SMS command “FIND” followed by a nickname one receives the location of the other person. This way the users will be able to find out the location instantly and without any interruption to the other persons. One can have instant peace of mind and can react quickly if something needs to be done urgently.

To activate mLocator service one needs to receive locating rights beforehand. To do that one needs to send SMS command “FIND”, followed by the phone number and nickname, to 30100 e.g. FIND 073xxxxx Lisa. After Lisa gives the locating rights by replying “YES” to a message from the service, one will receive her location.  Afterwards one only needs to send FIND Lisa, nothing else, to receive her location at any time. 

2) Help me - alert with subscriber’s location can be sent conveniently to pre-selected people instantly

In the event that one is in danger, there might be extremely little time to call or send SMS messages. Simply by sending SOS to 30100 one alerts pre-selected people, that help is needed at this location. Instead of calling and sending several SMS messages, only a single SMS is needed and several people can receive the information where you are in trouble. All pre-selected persons get these alert messages immediately and can react quickly so that help can be delivered as soon as possible. To have this service ready the user should give locating rights to pre-selected people who they think can assist in case of distressful or alarming situation. These people should send FIND followed by the users’ phone number to 30100, after which the user needs to respond YES to give them permission to locate.

mLocator service features assist subscribers in everyday life situations where help is needed or if a subscriber just needs to find out the location of the other person for peace of mind. Service is made affordable in order to enable every person to be able to benefit of this service when needed the most. Significant portion of the subscribers could use this service when thinking about how to prepare for crisis situations when a subscriber needs to request for help or help others. 

Airtel mLocator can save lives in crisis situation.