Scheduled messaging and a new name: Textor 1.4.0

Today we released a new version of Textor, the app formerly known as Gecko SMS. It is available now for Android phones on Google Play.

There's two major changes in this release:
  1. Send later, with location updates and repeat
  2. New name and icon for the application

Send later, or scheduled messaging, means that you can write a message and enter a day and time you want it delivered.

Ever came up with something to send in the middle of the night, and did not want to wake up the recipient? Send later saves the day.

With repeat and location update Send later becomes a simpler tracking tool: Setup a repeated message when you start a trip, and the recipient can follow your location without you touching your phone.

The cool user-interface for time and day selection is built on the very nice android-wheel open source widget. With some tweaks we were able to create a much nicer looking, and more useful, time/day picker than the usual Android version.

We think that the new name better explains what the application does: Texting. Textor is the best and most exiting SMS application!

The new icon builds on the symbol we have selected to use for "a landmark". Some things that can be seen in this symbol is a compass rose, representing location, and the letters x and o, from the new name. With a bit of imagination you can also see something expanding, meaning the global coverage of our data.

We hope you like these changes!