Friday's Favorite Landmark: Phillip's Sanctuary

This is the third part of our Friday's Favorire Landmark series.

Riders: (1/3) Ryan Solinap, (2/3) Michael Solinap, both from Pangasinan, Philippines


Phillip's Sanctuary, Antipolo, National Capital Region, Philippines
Coordinates: 14.66123 °N, 121.19719 °E (Google Maps)
Favorited by: Albert / Datadev Team

Tucked in the mountains of Antipolo, is Phillip's Sanctuary, a 13 hectare property owned by the Pestano family. It's a haven that offers an escape from the confines of city life. With 7 bike trails crisscrossing each other, you will experience the adrenalin rush you’re longing for. We built this Dirt Jump with friends, and riding in Phillip’s Sanctuary has never been the same. We also got free entrance fee for 6 months!

Phillip's Sanctuary in Gecko SMS


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Friday's Favorite Landmark: Anawangin Beach

This is the second part of our Friday's Favorire Landmark series.

(Photo source:

Anawangin Beach, Pundakit, Zambales, Philippines
Coordinates: 14.87985 °N, 120.07011 °E (Google Maps)
Favorited by: Gilmer Bianzon / Datadev Team

This beach is situated in a cove off the coast of Zambales. I’ve spent most of my vacation in this lovely place. There’s no electricity or cellphone signal, accommodation is by tents only. It’s a perfect place to relax and get drunk all day.


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Friday's Favorite Landmark: Kaitaisten Silta

This if the first part in a series of weekly posts where we show some of our landmarks that are interesting, fun, or just personal favorites.

 Kaitaisten Silta (Kaitainen Bridge), Taivassalo, Southwest Finland
Coordinates: 60.54869 °N, 21.51578 °E (Google Maps)
Favorited by: the undersigned

This is the last and longest bridge when driving to the island of Kustavi. For me it's a special landmark, because my family has a cottage really close to it.

The bridge has a really nice view, and going to the cottage this is the perfect place to check the weather and water conditions to see if it is going to be a good day for wakeboarding, kiteboarding, or what.

There is a separate platform for walking below the surface, and when I was a kid, we would be anventurous and walk across under the bridge. I think they have built fences and locked doors so one does not get to go there anymore.

Kaitaisten Silta in Gecko SMS

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